Northwest Tucson Preschool

  • In our Northwest Tucson preschool classes, your child participates in a range of activities that support their growing skills. Activities for pre-k daycare classes include:

    • Bible study, including learning Bible verses, to build a strong spiritual foundation
    • Formal learning activities using Abeka curriculum, a Christian curriculum that supports your faith while providing your child with academically advanced educational skills
    • Learning and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance

    Our preschool and pre-k classes are available for children ages three and four. Our preschoolers are divided into two daycare classes called the Black Knights and the Piper Cubs classrooms.

  • Black Knights

    The Black Knights classroom is for children who are age 3 (by august 31st which is the Kindergarten cut-off date). This class focuses on pre-k skill development by incorporating activities that improve motor coordination and dexterity into our day. Some skill-building activities offered in the Black Knights classroom include:

    • Learning to use scissors to improve fine motor skills and dexterity
    • Building a strong foundation for reading skills through phonics activities
    • Spiritual development with weekly Bible verses and frequent Bible stories
    • Conflict resolution strategies that encourage compassionate problem solving
    • Social interactions that build your child's confidence and teach respect for others

    When your child turns four (by August 31st which is the Kindergarten cut-off), the Piper Cubs Pre-K classroom offers your young student the opportunity to continue building their skills in preparation for kindergarten.

  • The Piper Cubs

    The Piper Cubs classroom also incorporates Bible study and Christian-based Abeka curriculum into daily activities, but is more academically focused to prepare young students for their upcoming entrance into kindergarten. 

    In fact, Abeka’s preschool curriculum teaches at kindergarten level, giving your child the skills needed for excellent placement scores in a variety of educational settings, including both private and public schools.

    In the Piper Cubs preschool classroom, your child:

    • Learns about citizenship through daily Pledge recital and history lessons
    • Builds their social and communication skills through playtime, conflict resolution and group skill building activities
    • Learns sight words to build a strong foundation in reading

    Your child’s social and academic skills are important, but we know that spiritual development is also essential during the developmental years. We welcome children from all backgrounds and religions and encourage all of our preschool children to learn universal concepts like having an attitude of gratefulness and showing respect for others.

  • Enrolling Your Preschooler

    To attend our Northwest Tucson preschool classes, your child must be age three before the last day of August since it is the Kindergarten cut-off. This allows your child to move from class to class and then into Kindergarten together with their friends.  

    Call us with any enrollment questions. We are also available when you and your child are ready.