Northwest Tucson Infant Daycare

  • Our infant daycare classes focus on meeting your child’s needs in a comforting, compassionate environment. Our childcare providers are engaged with your infant through the day, and your baby’s daily routine is shared with a daily care report.

  • Daily Care Reports

    At Wright Brothers Christian Academy, we know that every detail of your baby’s day is important to you. Our daily written reports include information about your child’s day, including:

    • Your child's diapering schedule
    • Special notes that share your child's milestones and activities
    • Feeding schedule and information about
      how well your child eats

    Babies and infants from birth to age one receive care in our Kitty Hawks classroom, while older babies join the Flying Aces and Bi-Planes classroom.

  • The Kitty Hawks

    In our Kitty Hawks class, babies have an on-demand feeding schedule. We provide formula and wipes for your infant, and a refrigerator is available if your baby is breastfed.

    Infants also engage in activities that encourage development, including:

    • Daily tummy time
    • Caregiver interactions to encourage eye contact and emerging language skills
    • On-demand naps in the same crib
    • Plays with toys that encourage development, including rattles

    Your infant has their own crib throughout their first year in the Kitty Hawks daycare classroom. In the Flying Aces/Bi-Planes class, your baby is ready to begin developing new skills.

  • Flying Aces and Bi-Planes Classes

    Our Northwest Tucson infant daycare classes are divided into small group of 10 for babies over age one. The two groups follow the same schedules and participate in the same types of activities.

    In these classes, your baby:

    • Begins learning basic skills like hand washing
    • Transitions to one nap rather than following an on-demand napping schedule
    • Becomes more independent by eating and drinking without help
    • Participates in a variety of activities to encourage language development
    • Develops motor skills with regular play time

    We know that your child learns through play. Our infant and baby daycare classes support creative play that allows your growing baby to learn about the world in a secure environment. 

  • Engaging with Our Caregivers

    After age one, your child begins developing new skills that allows them to explore the world. We know you want to experience your child’s developmental milestones when they happen. 

    Although we share milestones in our detailed written reports each day, our staff are happy to accept calls and emails. Care providers also send emails to share information about your child’s daily activities and development.

    Daycare Enrollment

    We are happy to answer any questions about enrolling your baby in our infant or baby child care classes. Call us to learn more about our routines or anytime you are ready to enroll your baby in our Northwest Tucson infant daycare.