Northwest Tucson Daycare

  • Would you like your child to grow in an engaging Christian environment? Our Northwest Tucson daycare classes are designed to encourage independence and foster a lifelong love of learning in children ages 24 months and up.

    Activities in our toddler classes include:

    • Reading aloud
    • Serving snacks, with help
    • Singing
    • Prayer

    Reading and singing are fun activities that develop your child’s vocabulary, while activities like coloring improve fine motor skills. At our child care center, your toddler also engages in active play time, one of the first ways that babies and toddlers learn about the world.

    Play time allows kids to:

    • Build strong communication skills through regular interactions with both care providers and other children
    • Learn how to resolve conflicts using words
    • Improve motor skills and develop muscle control

    Stay Informed

    We know that your child is your most important priority, so we make it a priority to share your child’s day. Along with regular emails, we provide a written report that covers both regular care routines and special milestones.

    Our daily report outlines:


    • Your child's snacks and meals
    • Diapering schedules, including all diaper changes
    • Daily learning activities
    • Nap times
    • Special milestones

    Your child’s daily class activities are based on their development. Kids who need help with potty training are in the Red Barons classroom, while older children are in our Blue Angels group.

  • Blue Angels

    The Blue Angels is for children ages 24 months through potty training.

    In the Blue Angels daycare class, your child:

    • Develops language skills by singing and participating in read-aloud stories
    • Learns to follow directions by playing caregiver-led games
    • Practices counting and learns the alphabet to prepare for pre-school
    • Learns to dress through costume play
    • Develops independence by helping serve snacks and participating in cleanup

    When your child is ready to begin potty training, the Red Baron classroom is available to support their growing independence.

  • Red Barons

    The Red Barons toddler daycare class continues independence-building activities, but also offers potty training support.

    Some activities offered in the Red Barons class include:

    • Annual P.O.O.P., or Poop Only On Potty, camps to introduce and encourage potty training
    • Learning with Abeka curriculum, a Christian curriculum that encourages strong preschool skills to give your child a big head start on their education
    • Weekly Bible study, including learning Bible verses
    • Conflict resolution discussions that strengthen social and communication skills
    • Activities that encourage continuing improvement in fine motor skill develop, including coloring

    When your child is ready to begin potty training, the Red Baron classroom is available to support their growing independence.

  • Enrolling Your Toddler

    Call our Northwest Tucson daycare anytime to enroll your child in one of our toddler child care classes.