About Us

  • Flat Fee

    At WBCA we desire to serve families and that includes maintaining what we call family affordable pricing.  So we have developed the simplest pricing in the industry, we have a flat fee for children who are diapering and a flat fee for children who are potty trained.  That gives you access to the school Monday through Friday 6:30am to 6:00pm to be used as much or little as your needs call for.  

    Our pricing is as follows:

    Diapering $230 Weekly

    Non-Diapering $205 Weekly

  • Meals Included

    WBCA participates in the Arizona Child and Adult Food Program which means that all food served to the children is balanced in nutrition and portioning.  We have a dedicated cook, Mr Robert who loves to make delicious food that children love to eat.  Menus are posted in each room on the parent board and in the school entry way so you can know what your child will be eating each day.  Parents are often surprised by the power of positive peer pressure. You will find that your child will eat things at school that they might not be willing to try otherwise.  For infants we provide formula and eventually moving your child into solid foods.  All meals are included with the price of child care.  

  • Curriculum

    Everything we do at WBCA is to prepare your child to enter Kindergarten and be successful.  That means we prepare them socially, emotionally, spiritually and educationally.  Educationally, we use curriculum from Abeka who strive for excellence in education with a Christian perspective.  Beginning in our two’s class we use the curriculum to prepare students for success, by the time they reach our Pre-K class the students are actually doing Kindergarten work.

  • Security

    Your child’s safety and security is paramount to us, so we have put in place systems and hardware to ensure you don’t have to worry when they are at school.  Beginning with a front door that has a security code for entry that is only given to parents and approved pickup, no one enters the building who isn’t supposed to.  Once in the building we have a camera that records everyone who enters and they are greeted by someone at the front desk.  Every child is then signed in or signed out in the log books.  Only approved people can pick up a child, and I.D.’s are always checked until we know you well.