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Tucson Christian DaycareExperience and Guidance You Can Count On

Learning can be fun in daycare.  Tucson parents are looking more often for Christian values to help guide the experience their child will have in daycare. Jesus loved children.  Our 20+ years of experience combined with our love for children is at the heart of what we do. A passion for sharing God’s love with children shows in our actions and our curriculum.

At Wright Brothers Christian Academy, we know even at a young age (12 to 24 months), your baby is eager to start moving and having some independence.   Here, your baby will experience activities to help them discover new ways to use his or her hands and challenge large motor skills.  Your baby will be busy throughout the day in our playrooms designed for exploration and filled with developmental toys. Your baby will be learning a variety of new skills in our Tucson daycare:

  • Drinking from a cup with help
  • Feeding his or herself with small finger foods
  • Stacking blocks
  • Crawling or rocking on hands and knees
  • Pulling into a standing position
  • Taking steps while holding onto furniture
  • Helping with getting dressed
  • Walking, climbing and running
  • Developing confidence and trust in a safe environment

toddler 1Parents Stay Informed

Staying informed about your child is important. At Wright Brothers Christian Academy, we want you to know as much as possible about your child’s experience and progress while in our care.  You will receive regular communication from our loving caregivers.

You’ll receive a detailed report sharing critical insights into your child’s day including:

  • Feedings: know how often and how well your child is eating
  • Sleeping:  feel good your child is getting adequate rest
  • Diapering: know your child is safe and well cared for.
  • Learning Activities: feel confident your child is developing appropriately
  • Special Moments or Milestones: never miss out on a reason to celebrate

You can receive emails and photos throughout the day. You may also call our office at any time to check-in on your beautiful child.

Make the Most of the Early Years.

Enroll your toddler at Wright Brothers Christian Academy.  Call (520) 744 3919 today.