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Tucson Christian PreschoolPreschools in Tucson Help Early Learners Excel

Basic Education or Exceptional Curriculum?

As a parent, you’re setting the foundation for your child’s success.   You know the early years are some of the most critical years in your child’s life. Choosing between daycares in northwest Tucson and preschools can be challenging.

Many preschools in Tucson offer the basic fundamentals, which are a great start for your early learner.  But is the curriculum exceptional? Does it offer your child the best opportunity to succeed?

The Wright Brothers Christian Academy is a Tucson Christian Preschool that understands that two and three year olds are filled with energy and curiosity. Our curriculum is designed to help keep your child engaged in activities to help your child learn by:

  • Recognizing numbers and counting.christian preschool nw tucson
  • Learning shapes and colors.
  • Knowing the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.
  • Understanding math basics/ spacial awareness: up, down, under, above, around.
  • Learning science basics through hands-on experiments illustrating cause and effect.
  • Developing social skills.
  • Exploring his or her imagination with creative play and art projects.
  • Developing a love for reading through story time, sight words and creating their own books.
  • Building a strong vocabulary through reading, song, and conversation.
  • Learning patience and respect for self and others.
  • Gaining confidence by following instructions and trying new things.
  • Understanding the love of Jesus through songs, stories and modeling.
  • Introducing to second languages: Spanish and sign-language.
  • Gaining independence through potty training.
  • Developing strong motor skills with plenty of outdoor play for running and jumping.
  • Developing fine motor skills needed for tying shoes, zipping jackets and writing.
  • Making good choices around eating nutritious foods and staying active.

Great Starts Begin Early.

Get your early learner off to a great start.  Enroll in our early learners program. Call or stop by to get a tour of our wonderful school.

Let your early learner join you and enjoy the discovery of what a difference Wright Brothers Christian Academy can make in your child’s life.  Call us today at (520) 744-3919.