Infant Care

Northwest Tucson Nursery School

A Mother hugs her baby at a Tucson Nursery SchoolThe Tucson nursery school you choose can be a blessing to you and your infant. Your baby is a precious gift from God. You want your baby to be cared for by loving, nurturing teachers. You’re looking for infant care in Tucson where the teacher views your child as nothing short of a miracle and a blessing.   You’ll find it at Wright Brothers Christian Academy.

At Wright Brothers Christian Academy, we take our role in caring for and teaching your child seriously.  Jesus took children seriously and holds each of us accountable for how we influence children.  We’re here to offer the support you need to make your baby’s transition from home to daycare easy.  Our goal is to make each day feel as comfortable and natural as possible for you and your baby.

Your baby’s first year is full of many firsts and important developmental milestones.  It’s one of many reasons we are committed to nurturing your precious child.  Trust is important to you and to the development of your baby.

Structure and a sense of security are offered to your child through our carefully designed programs.  With a consistent care-giver, your baby will know what to expect; helping him or her feel safe and secure while in our care.

Infant Care Activities

Here, your baby will enjoy a day filled with plenty of time for:

  • feedings for proper nourishment
  • changing to keep your baby clean and safe
  • cozy naps for peaceful rest
  • play time filled with learning

northwest tucson infant careYour baby will have plenty of “tummy time” to help with important milestones such as:

  • being able to lift head while held
  • while lying on his or her stomach being able to lift head and chest
  • turning his or her head from side to side


Your baby’s teachers will work with your baby in developing motor skills.  You’ll look forward to seeing your child master new skills such as:

  • being able to follow an object with his or her eyes
  • grasp a rattle
  • wiggle arms or legs
  • kick legs

You’ll received a detailed report sharing critical insights into your child’s day including:

  • feedings: know how often and how well your child is eating
  • sleeping:  feel good your child is getting adequate rest
  • diapering: know your child is safe and well cared for.
  • learning activities: feel confident your child is developing appropriately
  • special moments or milestones: never miss out on a reason to celebrate

You can receive emails and photos throughout the day. You may also call our office at any time to check-in on your beautiful child.

Give your baby all of the love and safety you want for your child.  Your baby will be happy and safe while in our care.  Your baby will reach important developmental milestones.

Call us today to visit our Tucson nursery school and talk with our staff.  See for yourself how much love we pour into every child. Call us today (520) 744 3919.