Pre-K Child Care

Tucson Preschools Might Not Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten.

Tucson PreschoolsLooking for Tucson preschools offering a K-Readiness program?

Your child’s success in kindergarten starts here. Get your child ready for school at Wright Brothers Christian Academy.  You’ll be giving your child the opportunities found only in a program designed for pre-kindergarten children.

You knew this day would come. But who knew it would come so fast?  Your child will soon enter kindergarten and crossing another important milestone in life. From writing words to climbing on jungle gyms, you want your child to be prepared.

Help your child get ready for kindergarten.  After enrolling your child in Wright Brothers Christian Academy your child will learn:

  • Basic or more advanced concepts.
  • Coordination of large motor skills for athletic activities or even pushing in a chair. Patience and commitment to learning new concepts.
  • How to celebrate the lessons learned even when mistakes are made.
  • How to master fine motor skills for using small objects for math, writing or buttoning a shirt.
  • Christ’s love.
  • How to cooperate with others.
  • Confidence or respect for others in social situations.
  • How to show compassion for others.

At Wright Brothers Christian Academy, we’re helping children like yours exceed the academic standards set for Marana, Amphi and Flowing Wells school districts.  Your child will benefit from our specialized curriculum.

daycare 85741Your child’s readiness depends on more than simply recognition of letters and numbers or the development of basic language skills.  Your child needs to master the skills necessary for academic success throughout the grade school years.

Your child will have the unique opportunity to learn about:

Essential Math Skills:  Hands-on practice for all math concepts, counting objects and numbers.

Social studies:  Understand how historical events shape our country and the world around us. Know the pledge of allegiance.

Geography: Where you live and how it relates to the rest of the world.

Reading:  From phonics to sight words your child will begin to learn how words are used to express thoughts and feelings.

Language Development: Grow your child’s vocabulary and questioning skills

Writing:  Your child will express thoughts and feelings while expanding writing skills.

Science/Weather: An appreciation for all living organisms, the earth and the environment

Health:  Learn about healthy nutrition and the importance of staying active to keep your body healthy.

Calendar:  Days of the week, Months of the Year

Your child can be ready for kindergarten.  Get your child off to a great start in life with respect for one’s self and others.  Your child will be ready to learn and continue his or her success throughout the school-age years.

Enroll your child now at Wright Brother’s Christian Academy.  Call us today at (520) 744-3919.